RIP Orange Fence

56a was made possible through squatting, so today’s eviction of the Orange Fence squat on Colvestone Crescent in Dalston, Hackney feels like the end of a London borough once diverse – including numerous squats providing an example of alternative, creative , rent-free living. The area is being taken over by property developers, thanks in most part to the 2012 Olympics; driving up rent and property in an age of austerity. What has London got to give us that we can’t give to each other?


“Fight them by meeting with friends, not to consume or produce, but to enjoy friendship and you will have triumphed (at least for a moment) over the most pernicious conspiracy in EuroAmerican society today — the conspiracy to turn you into a living corpse galvanized by prosthesis and the terror of scarcity …

… to turn you into a spook haunting your own brain.” — Hakim Bey



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“This Home Is Not For Sale”

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