London Bike Kitchen WOO YEAAAH

The London Bike Kitchen, an  “open DIY workshop” in Hoxton, has just opened shop! Bike kitchens started out in California (see here (SF) and here (LA)) as a place where cyclists can learn how to repair their bikes, while providing community and youth programs, space for women and trans folk, and a place for reuse and recycling. They typically run by charging a small membership/stand-use fee. Other similar places in the UK for Pedaller’s Arms in Leeds and the Birmingham Bike Foundry. Though not specifically of the ‘bike kitchen’ ethos, they charge a small amount to go towards tools, parts, mechanics and space to better the local and cycling community.

"I went to the London Bike Kitchen with a clunker and came out with this!"

The London Bike Kitchen is located at 28 Whitmore Rd N1 5QA.


Alssoooo….we’d like to mention that our wrenchin’ mates at Peckham Social Centre also now have a bike repair space open on Sunday afternoon from 3-7pm! The social centre is at 97 peckham road, se15.

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