Practical How-To’s

Anatomy of a Bicycle
For reference: the anatomy of a bicycle

Comprehensive mechanics sites:

the Davis Bike Collective guide book: (pdfs)
Wheels & brakes
Bottom brackets, cranks, and pedals
Derailleurs. chains, and shifters
Stem and headset

Sheldon Brown

How to Fix Your Bicycle 1972

Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance by Shelley Jackson (pdf, not the book but an 8 page zine. Via

BMX maintenance: and this (includes parts specifications and explains the theory behind each part!)

Specific bike maintenance instructions:

How to put on handlebar tape
How to recover an old bicycle seat [1] [2]
How to paint a bicycle frame
Wheel building [1] [2] [3] and truing and spoke calculator
Internal gear hubs (Sturmey Archer/SRAM/Sachs/Coaster brakes/etc) [1][2] [3][4]

Bike bling:

Scraper bike wheels
Bucket panniers
Crochet seat cover
Kids seat (pdf, from The Chainbreaker Bike Book)

Beyond bikes:

Bicycle stand from pipes
Bicycle stand from bike parts
Bike storage in a London home (pulleys, hooks, cycloc, etc)

DIY cycle tour zine

Bike share map – London (created at UCL)

Cycling law and regulations
The Cycling Lawyer blog

From The Chainbreaker Bike Book by Shelley Jackson and Ethan Clark

7 thoughts on “Practical How-To’s”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve got a bad bottom bracket that needs replacement. Any chance that u could have a 113mm. Someone told me that with that measure would be enough.


    1. Hey,

      You’ll have to come down to the bikeroom and see as we’ve got loads of all sorts and can’t guarantee what we have in stock. I’m pretty sure you’ll find what you need, though.

  2. hey, do you guys run any bike workshops, where you go through the ins and outs of a bike for the inept?

    1. hey isabella,
      at the moment, no, not really. however, we do help those with any skill range if they come with their bike (preferably) for some repairs or for some questions. we also do dr. bike at uni campuses sometimes for hands-on repairs and the like. and for those who would like to volunteer with us but don’t have enough skills, we offer a free beginner and/or intermediate course through CTUK.

  3. Hey, Will there be anyone around today who can help me fix my bike the gears keep slipping and going funny. What time are you staying open till, if I come just before 7 would that be okay?


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