We’re part of the 56a collective (made up of the infoshop and food co-op, Fareshares).

We are currently open on Fridays from  3-7pm!

We would like to return to being open on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays as well as we used to be. So any potential volunteers very welcome, just come on down and introduce your self on a Friday. More info on volunteering below.

Visit us! 

56a Crampton Street
London SE17 3AE

Find us using cyclestreets

Located in South London, the 56a bike workshop is a space for Do It Yourself repairs and is run solely by volunteers. We have repair space and tools, as well as cheap new and second-hand parts like inner tubes, spokes, brake pads, cables, and patch kits etc.

From our spokecard:

riseupwe believe that doing-it-yourself or doing it with friends is the best way to start to take back control over our lives. we believe that learning what we can from one another is better than learning in a class room and that finding things out for yourself is better than being taught by somebody else, and that both are much more fun than paying someone else to do it for you. we believe in the importance of self-reliance, autonomy and environmental sustainability, and a bicycle that you can maintain is all of those things. we have all the tools to live a better life in front of us – all we need to do is pick them up and learn how to use them. where better to start than your bicycle?



The 56a bikespace is a fun place to volunteer, stresses equality amongst its mechanics, and is a great place to learn bike mechanics and teach others! We’re always looking for more volunteers who can commit to a few hours per week for a shift. Being a workshop volunteer involves showing visitors where parts and tools are, giving advice, and helping people fix up shonky bikes (to the best of your ability – you don’t need to be an expert mechanic! Patience and a passion for bikes are more important).

Come down and visit us during our opening hours to get more information, or to test our a volunteer session!


28 thoughts on “WHAT//WHERE”

  1. Hey! Id like to come down and volunteer! would someone be about tomorrow for a chat? I’ve just moved from dublin where I was involved in this bikeworkshop and would like to get involved in one in London! Thanks – Nicky

  2. Hey guys,
    I live up north east and have an old bike that I want to fix up, my main problem right now is the tyre, could I just bring the wheel down instead of the whole bike?

  3. Is there a way you can set up a twitter account that lets us know when you’re closed? A text message from the volunteer or whatever. Really good service, sometimes a risk that there’s nobody there during opening hours!

  4. Dear collegues, we are based in Caen in Normandy and run a place where people get specialised tools, volunteers and employees advices and can get any piece of the destroyed bikes we collect. We’ve been doing this ftwo years now. Our values are based on doing together, social and solidarity economy and recycling bikes in any way possible.
    It would be great to meet you one of these days, and if you feel like having a trip to Normandy soon… well we organise a festival in teh center of the city of Caen, it’s called “into the Five” (Festival International du Vélisol’ Et…) including a huge repairing bicyle workshop opened to anyone. If you ever wanted to join us for this day, fixing bikes with us, creating other things from bicycle pieces and… making physically an international pairing with our association, it would be fantastic and good fun so let us know so we could fix an accomadation by one of us.
    Have a good day !
    President of the association Vélisol’

    1. hello.
      thanks for your nice message AND invite.
      as it happens, a few of us plan to ride from Burgess Hill to La Rochelle late-May and/or early-June. if we make the itinerary via Caen, would be great to meet & see your workshop.

  5. Hey guys any chance you need another volunteer, ive recently become unemployed so have a few hours spare that could be put to good use. I used to work as a bike mechanic so if i can be of any use let me know 🙂 cheers

  6. Hi All
    I have some bike’s part and cyclists clothing in a really good state, I am wondering if you receive it?

  7. Would you be interested in 6 old bikes ib various staes of disrepair accumulated over the years in my parent’s garage in SE26?

    1. Since that’s quite a lot of bikes, I’d be easiest to arrange with us by dropping by during opening hours. Thta way we can assess the hoard of bike we already maintain :). We’d probably prefer you bring the bikes yourself, though a cargo bike can possibly also be arranged.

  8. Hi, just a heads up as to how goes it!

    Noticed and took a couple of picks of something i hope you can help me with. ( specifically the mobile PA)


    first up Its attendance was appreciated and welcomed at reclaim brixton.

    This is just a note to say ( if you know how to contact the people who made this happen ) a big thank you.

    I gather things may not have turned out in your favor in the end. We can help ( well just me so far )

    Are your well?
    Anything broken?
    If so what do you need to get you back on the road?
    Personally i have several bit and bobs ( mainly *6-8in 8ohm drivers, signal cables, 3 way crossovers etc) i know most of this is unsuitable as your probably pushing a 4ohm mono rig.

    But (if my offer is unsuitable )i would like to make a financial contribution (tell me what you need replacing)

    Let me know if i can help.

    Cant wait to see you guys back on the road.

  9. hi there, i recently inherited an old bike which i would like to do up. however, i don’t have any tools or any previous experience…i am eager to learn tho. do you have any space for me?

    1. hello. best is to head over between 15:00 and 19:00 on either a wednesday or a friday. also try to avoid turning up in the last hour, as it’s mostly used to finish up jobs already started before then.

  10. i have a 1980s raleigh that needs some work, id love to learn how to repair the brakes and possibly change the handlebars, if I come by tomorrow will you be able to help? Thanks!

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