Bikespace — New and improved

We’ve had some changes to the bikespace over the last few months — mainly we’ve expanded the work space to the east side of the bikespace where we used to hang bikes for sale.

(Looking in the archive we couldn’t really find anything to show this, though if you been to the bikspace pre-August you know how it was. An example is here:)

The Bikespace in summer 2006

Basically we wanted to create for space to store all of our tools (the original space was getting a bit crowded), have a warmed space for the winter, and have a side for shift workers and a side open for volunteers. We also wanted to cut down on the junk and mess and disorganisation, and although it doesn’t look it sometimes, I think it’s a big improvement! Cheers and lots of chocolate buttons to Oli who did most of the work creating the counterspace!

New bikespace photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, a nice treat someone brought in the other day:

Pre-WWII "Resillion" brake system

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