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Critical Mass to Calais : Bikes Beyond Borders!
August 29-31st, 2015

>>Got a bike and want to pass it on? This is an attempt to get bikes and other provisions to refugees in Calais.<<

If you have, or can source a bike to donate, then please, please join us this August bank holiday weekend on our little trip cycling across the channel: Critical Mass to Calais, taking bikes beyond borders!

We will release more details nearer the time, but you can get involved in any way shape or form (there are many, many ways) just scroll down and pick from the options below.


The vast majority of people living in the camps have left their home countries for reasons of war and persecution in search of safety and security. Now, having been forcibly evicted from autonomous camps in Calais to a new ‘designated area’, 7km from the town centre, there are in the region of 2000 people, including women and unaccompanied minors, living in conditions of poor sanitation with minimal access to support and services.

Most cyclists can relate to the sense of freedom, mobility and self sustainability afforded by the bicycle. For people living in the camps, bicycles are an invaluable asset, improving quality of life by increasing access to basic essentials like the local shop and support and advice services, currently over an hour’s walk away. Some organisations have already began taking bikes to the camps, but many more are needed.
Here is how to JOIN IN THE FUN:

1) THE BIG ONE – 2 Day Cycle from London to Calais leaving Saturday 29th August with overnight camp fun to break the journey – Location and route details TBA nearer the time.

2) 1 Day Cycle from London to Calais leaving Sunday 30th August – For the faster riders or those with time constraints.

3) 1 Day Cycle, starting at overnight camp (location TBA) to Calais – For those who want a shorter ride.

4) Just get to Calais! You may want to donate a bike and visit Calais with us, but perhaps don’t fancy the ride or don’t live in London or the UK…so just find the best way to meet – perhaps even starting a critical mass from your own city!

Don’t have a bike you are able to donate?

1) Come along for the ride! Donating is not mandatory at all, the more the merrier, so join in the fun at any of the stages listed above!

2) Talk to your pals! Do you know there are 7 times more unused bikes in garages and gardens in London than out on the roads, so speak to your friends or neighbours to get your hands on one!

3) Get a second hand bike from your local bike shop or one of our recommended providers – details to follow.

Don’t fancy the ride?

1) Get your bike to Calais in any way you can! We know that riding isn’t for everyone, the main objective is to get as many bikes to the camps as possible, so if you have another way of getting yours there, then find us at either Dover or Calais on the Sunday.

2) Join us as a support vehicle! You never know what might happen the road and we would love to be accompanied along the way! There will be mechanics in the group but parts and refreshments will need their own ride.

3) Donate any spare bicycles to the cause! There are many organisations who refurbish unused bicycles and donate them to asylum seekers and refugees, message us and we can connect you!

Critical Mass is 20!

Mass it up in April, when Critical Mass will be turning 20 years old!

Critical Mass in April will be held on FRIDAY the 25TH. You can even celebrate early at the Mass on March the 28th!

Critical Mass is a mass bicycle ride that takes place on the last Friday of each month in cities around the world. Everyone is invited! And no one is in charge!

CM originated in 1992 in San Francisco and is now held in over 300 cities around the world (2003 figure, now likely much more).

  • You can read more about CM London’s figurative days, and take a nostalgic walk down early HTML webpage designs, by checking out their original webpage – Origins and Early days.
  • I also found this by Andy Smith, which includes (some) photos (!!) and ride reports, such as the CM London birthday ride from 1997. What a gem.
  • David Dansky of CTUK and Adam Thompson of Hackney Bicycle Workshops and Hackney Bicycle Film Society talk about early CM London.

Made Possible by Squatting

Is now taking submissions! Made Possible by Squatting seeks to ask what have we already lost and also what can be found, uncovered and re-ignited?

Do you have a squatting story to tell?

Against the back-drop of the criminalisation of squatting Made Possible by Squatting is looking for work that depicts or embodies a particular chosen experience, a movement, space or place in relation to squatting. The story you choose to tell could be your own, or a history you want to investigate and share. It could be current or historic — a huge chapter in the life of a community, or a tiny forgotten moment in time, extraordinary or quite ordinary.

The format is completely open — works can be sculptural, photographic, print based, archive materials, performance, digital, video, audio…

The submission deadline for proposals in Friday 12th July, 2013

For more info about the submission process and application, please email or go to


The works and workshops will be part of an exhibition in September and an on-line archive that collectively celebrates how squatting has positively affected the lives of individuals and communities in the UK, specifically in London.


The 56a Collective was made possible by squatting! Endless adventure since 1991.

Historically, squatting an empty building has been a way to create a temporary home. The occupation of an empty building may last days, weeks or years, but once evicted, buildings are eventually demolished or redeveloped along with the lives that were lived inside them.

After a brief and undemocratic passage through the Houses of Parliament, Section 144 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill became legislation in September, 2012, which makes squatting in a residential building a criminal offence. This project seeks to ask what have we already lost? And, what more do we stand to lose if these laws are not fought?

Pedlar Jumble Sale 26-29 June

Jumble sale at the Little Bread Pedlar cafe and bike workshop!

26 June – 6 July, 11-7pm daily
Come over, give us a hand and/or grab some new/used bits for your builds/ bodges/ collections, to help us recover at least some our setting-up costs. Loads of vintage bits!

Contact us 075 49 79 31 98.

Solidarity Forever

London’s oldest anarchist bookshop and publisher Freedom Press was damaged in an arson attack in the early hours of Friday morning. Nobody was hurt in the fire which partially gutted the ground floor, damaged the building’s electrics, and has caused tens of thousands of pounds of damage. As of writing it’s still unknown who the assailant was, but the police are treating it as suspicious.

Nobody has come forward to claim responsibility for the attack although many believe that the far-right may be responsible as the building was last seriously attacked in 1993 by now defunct neo-nazi terror group Combat 18.

freedompressfirebombFreedom Press is Britain’s longest running anarchist publisher and traces its history back to the original Freedom paper started by Charlotte Wilson and Peter Kropotkin in 1886.

As well as selling books, Freedom Press publish a number themselves, produce a monthly paper and provide office space for several radical and anarchist groups such as the Solidarity Federation, Anarchist Federation, Advisory Service for Squatters, Corporate Watch and London Coalition Against Poverty.

Due to financial problems the press has suffered recently, the insurance on the building had not been renewed and group are requesting financial support so they can continue their work. Freedom also notes that their stock is somewhat reduced, but now features some “interesting fire-damaged memorabilia.”

How can you help?

Since so much of their stock was damaged, Freedom would appreciate any book donations you can make. These can be made during normal opening hours: Monday to Saturday 12 noon to 6pm, Sunday 12 noon to 4pm.

They are also setting up a donation page. In the meanwhile, anyone who wants to donate monetarily can do so by ordering a book/s through the website, and emailing us at to let us know that your purchase was a donation.

Alternatively, cheques or postal orders made payable to Freedom Press can be sent to Freedom Press, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX.

There are reports in the GuardianEvening StandardWashington PostInternational TimesHuffington PostLeft Unity and Libcom.
See also Verso Books and Facebook.

Release the Wolves




each youth group is crafting up some next level madness and we’ll be racing these hyper velocity machines round the heygate on SEPTEMBER 1ST. kicks off at 2pm. you all invited.  it will be a very exciting and very fun day and we will probably have a barbeque and everyone can plug their phones into the soundsystem and then we will present all the awards and mums might even cry.”

Critical Mass Olympic Mess

Some of our fellow comrades and fellows of the London cycling community were arrested on Friday’s Critical Mass, coinciding with the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The total number of arrests is unknown for now, though up to 130 have been noted.

On of our chumrades has written: “For collectively riding my bicycle on the streets of London last night I was brutally baton charged by maniacal police officers, manhandled, threatened, abused and then kettled before being arrested (without a single warning of any law that I had broken) and put onto a bus with about twenty other people. I was driven to Charing Cross police station and was made to stay on that bus for 8 hours, being let out once to piss. I was subjected to completely inappropriate police jokes about water-boarding, bullied, verbally abused, and intimidated by officers.

I am bailed to return to the police station in September to see if they have the balls to charge me with anything. Until that happy time I am:

1. Not to go within 100 yards of any Olympic venue.

2. Not to enter any Olympic only carriageway, unless that carriageway is open to all traffic at that specific time. (Whose streets?)

3. Not to enter the borough of Newham whilst in possession of a cycle.

4. Take part in any activity that disrupts the intended or anticipated official activities of the Olympic games.

Thank you to you beautiful comrades who cycled ‘furiously’ after the arrest bus to the cop shop and lurked around on the street corners until the small hours like beautiful anarchic rain clouds. Love to you all, lets fight like we’ve never won and live like we’ve never lost.
Fuck the Police.
Fuck the Olympics.”

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