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5 in 9

16 Nov

Five cyclists have died over nine days recently in our city.

What the hell BORIS??

Lord James of Blackheath is right.

I’m dying to go to London
With a camera on my head
To film my final moments
As a trucker knocks me dead

I’m dying to ride the thin blue line
Super-Highway to Hell
Around the roundabout at Bow
Where two cyclists fell

I’m dying to go to Holborn
Where they shunt us from behind
And grind us in the gutter
And leave us dead or blind

I’m dying to be a victim
That Boris Johnson can blame
I’d hate to run that red light
And live, but live in shame.

by Bernard Davis

Besides riding your bike in protest…

More info:
LCC Campaign
Safety Summit?
If you like signing things, a petition
Cycle census – Where do cyclists outnumber drivers?

via bit.ly/1gOqrmi

via bit.ly/1gOqrmi


The Boris Bike // London’s Bike Hire Scheme

21 Jul

London’s about to unveil a bicycle hire scheme, sponsored by Barclay’s. It’s hitting some delays, but nonetheless it will be the 2nd largest urban hire bicycle system after Paris:

“The scheme, vigorously promoted by London‘s mayor Boris Johnson, will eventually see 6,000 bikes parked at 400 “docking stations” spread every 300 metres or so across central London (although the latest in a string of delays means only pre-registered “members” will be able to take out the bikes from a week on Friday [now July 30th], with the wider public only getting their hands on the bikes at the end of next month).”

Jon Snow checks out his 'BorisBike'How it works: “After paying a daily access fee of £1, and providing details of a credit card for the deposit, the first 30 minutes of bike use will be free, although the price escalates rapidly as the clock ticks on (£1 for an hour, £6 for two hours, £35 for six hours).”

Leo Hickman of the Guardian wrote his impressions of using the bike (it’s heaviness and slowness is noted more than once) and that it’s use is mainly for short distance rides to replace a taxi, tube, or bus: “It’s designed for leisurely ambling rather than APD (aggressive pursuit of destination)” like most cyclists in London.

Jon Snow, presenter of Channel 4 News and president of CTC, the National Cyclists’ Organisation also referred to the bike’s cumbersomeness in this FT article: “Let’s be honest. It is clunky – not unsmart, but not elegant either. The bike weighs in at an alarming 23kg… made the mistake of cycling to my rendezvous with what is bound to become known as the “BorisBike”, on my own lightweight titanium-framed Condor crossbreed. The contrast was stark and not to be recommended.”

He concludes with the question we’re all wondering ourselves: “[W]ill Barclays’ £25m over five years in sponsorship look like a joke or a snip? Using the BorisBike, I suspect, will become rather like flying Ryanair. If you stick to the rules, it will work for you. If you don’t, you could find unexpectedly large sums turning up on your credit card bill. Indeed, Transport for London even suggests you go to a proper bike-hire company if you want to cycle in London for hours at a time.”

Read the London Cycle Hire Launch blog here [from Boris cycling around Leicester Square to anti-war stickers on Barclay’s bikes].

Cycling in London

19 May

Hey there. I’m flagging up two relevant topics regarding cycling in London.They deal with the current hazards of cycling in this city, and recent measures (and consequently, debates) to make cycling safer and appealing to more Londoners.

1. One is (generally) regarding female cyclists and the recent bout of cycle deaths this spring, mostly by HGV’s (Heavy Goods Vehicles): “[London,] which has the unenviable position of being the epicentre of lorry-related cycling deaths in the UK. Last year, 10 out of 13 fatal cycling accidents in the capital were women, and eight of them were killed by HGVs, according to the cycling campaign group CTC.”

-That quote is from a Guardian article that isn’t great (Mainly because it stereotypes female behaviour. Gender and cycling have been discussed by many in the cycling scene, and I hope to provide more information on this soon), but has some useful links.

-There was a follow up article from July 2nd on the Guardian about women cycling. Interesting that the drivers who committed the killings were repeat traffic offenders.

-This article from Moving Target Zine is also quite good and discusses the same issues.

2. The new ‘cycle superhighways’ have been lauded by the Mayor, Boris Johnson as something that “will provide cyclists with safe, direct, continuous, well marked and easily navigable routes along recognised commuter corridors.” This was written in a new policy document, the first stage of a £116m scheme to promote cycling in the city.

-The above quote was from this Guardian article, but quite a lot of reluctance towards the superhighways being anything major are noted; including in this London Cyclist blog article(s) on the superhighways.

-And here’s an interview with Mayor Boris Johnson on the Cycle Superhighways from London Cyclist. An excerpt: “Everyone seemed rather wooed by the speeches and was happy to walk away thinking how good us cyclists have it. This is highly arguable but you can’t help but agree that the visible nature of the superhighways is a positive thing.”

-An article on cycling lanes in NYC, written by the New York Times.

-And here’s a video that provides a “short insight”: