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Out and Loud: Bicycle Soundsystems – Ode to Pedals

11 Nov

Pedals the sound system…perhaps you’ve seen it at Critical Mass or at a protest. It was built originally for the 2005 G8 protest ride from London to Scotland! Since then it has appeared at innumerable protests/bike rides/protest bikerides, most likely in part due to both it’s impressive sound and durability: “Pedals set the standard for mobile sound with its incredible volume, sound quality, and low power consumption thanks to features like a 6th order bandpass bass enclosure, class D amplifiers, and a highly efficient horn speaker and tweeters” (Bicycology).

How to DIY your own?

History of Pedals!

Here are also some photos and links to check out of mighty Pedals through the years!


Pedals and Son of Pedals around 2008. Both made by bicycology.

At the G20 Climate Ride in 2009. Credit: Ian Gregory


From the 100 Days to Palestine Critical Mass in 2011

From the 100 Days to Palestine Critical Mass in 2011 (up to 2010)

In two years alone, Pedals was used in:


‘Tis the Season for…Bike Touring!

1 Jun

From the Rootz Bike Tour

Summertime, And the livin’ is easy. Fish are jumpin’, and the cotton is high…
It’s warm and the weather’s nice! What better time to go long distances on your bike

Here are some links we’ve compiled on bicycle touring

General Info:

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Cycling stories/trips:

Calais Jungle Tour, July 2011
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P.E.D.A.L. to Palestine 

A bit of DIY:
Ken Kifer’s Panniers
Bucket Panniers+ Zines, like the Urban Adventure League’s Cycle Touring Primer!

From the P.E.D.A.L. tour