It’s December – Time to Ride to Paris for the COP21 !!

Why not?

We’re into bike riding, and protesting on and off our bikes to save the environment. Aren’t you? Plus, Paris is a mere 289 miles from London (465 km). London to Brighton is 60 miles/96 km, so if you do the maths then this

=adbustersresistance Adventure!!

So, there’s still time to ride to the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris! Sadly, we ourselves are not organising a ride there, though many of us have ridden there on our own, and that can surely be done ( see our page on BIKE TOURING) – you can do it – pack your waterproofs and banderolls, wear them baselayers, and bring yer mates! It’s time for some climate justice.

However, there are some pre-organised rides going to Paris, on the 6th and the 9th. OMG SUCH RIDE. All rides have some sort of fee (for stuff such as the ferry, accomodation, insurance), but you can probably rationalise that such cost goes a long way for the environment, as well as the camradarie and group bonding necessary for voicing one’s collective opinion at world leaders, climate officials, and the like.

Ride links:

6th Dec
Time to Cycle (5 days)

9th Dec
Climate Kilometre (3 days)

Out and Loud: Bicycle Soundsystems – Ode to Pedals

Pedals the sound system…perhaps you’ve seen it at Critical Mass or at a protest. It was built originally for the 2005 G8 protest ride from London to Scotland! Since then it has appeared at innumerable protests/bike rides/protest bikerides, most likely in part due to both it’s impressive sound and durability: “Pedals set the standard for mobile sound with its incredible volume, sound quality, and low power consumption thanks to features like a 6th order bandpass bass enclosure, class D amplifiers, and a highly efficient horn speaker and tweeters” (Bicycology).

How to DIY your own?

History of Pedals!

Here are also some photos and links to check out of mighty Pedals through the years!

Pedals and Son of Pedals around 2008. Both made by bicycology.
At the G20 Climate Ride in 2009. Credit: Ian Gregory


From the 100 Days to Palestine Critical Mass in 2011
From the 100 Days to Palestine Critical Mass in 2011 (up to 2010)

In two years alone, Pedals was used in:


Welcome Project First Birthday – 18th May

Welcome first

Food cooked from around the world, music and fun in the sun from 2pm – 6pm.
Stockwell Community Centre
1 Studley Rd


LWP is a member led space for asylum seekers and refugees. A place to socialise, relax and learn from each other. Our aim is to reduce isolation and create solidarity among asylum seekers and refugees. A hot lunch is cooked every Sunday alongside board games, a bicycle workshop, informal English learning, workshop on CV and job applications, chatting and different activities

Critical Mass is 20!

Mass it up in April, when Critical Mass will be turning 20 years old!

Critical Mass in April will be held on FRIDAY the 25TH. You can even celebrate early at the Mass on March the 28th!

Critical Mass is a mass bicycle ride that takes place on the last Friday of each month in cities around the world. Everyone is invited! And no one is in charge!

CM originated in 1992 in San Francisco and is now held in over 300 cities around the world (2003 figure, now likely much more).

  • You can read more about CM London’s figurative days, and take a nostalgic walk down early HTML webpage designs, by checking out their original webpage – Origins and Early days.
  • I also found this by Andy Smith, which includes (some) photos (!!) and ride reports, such as the CM London birthday ride from 1997. What a gem.
  • David Dansky of CTUK and Adam Thompson of Hackney Bicycle Workshops and Hackney Bicycle Film Society talk about early CM London.