It’s December – Time to Ride to Paris for the COP21 !!

Why not?

We’re into bike riding, and protesting on and off our bikes to save the environment. Aren’t you? Plus, Paris is a mere 289 miles from London (465 km). London to Brighton is 60 miles/96 km, so if you do the maths then this

=adbustersresistance Adventure!!

So, there’s still time to ride to the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris! Sadly, we ourselves are not organising a ride there, though many of us have ridden there on our own, and that can surely be done ( see our page on BIKE TOURING) – you can do it – pack your waterproofs and banderolls, wear them baselayers, and bring yer mates! It’s time for some climate justice.

However, there are some pre-organised rides going to Paris, on the 6th and the 9th. OMG SUCH RIDE. All rides have some sort of fee (for stuff such as the ferry, accomodation, insurance), but you can probably rationalise that such cost goes a long way for the environment, as well as the camradarie and group bonding necessary for voicing one’s collective opinion at world leaders, climate officials, and the like.

Ride links:

6th Dec
Time to Cycle (5 days)

9th Dec
Climate Kilometre (3 days)

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