5 in 9

Five cyclists have died over nine days recently in our city.

What the hell BORIS??

Lord James of Blackheath is right.

I’m dying to go to London
With a camera on my head
To film my final moments
As a trucker knocks me dead

I’m dying to ride the thin blue line
Super-Highway to Hell
Around the roundabout at Bow
Where two cyclists fell

I’m dying to go to Holborn
Where they shunt us from behind
And grind us in the gutter
And leave us dead or blind

I’m dying to be a victim
That Boris Johnson can blame
I’d hate to run that red light
And live, but live in shame.

by Bernard Davis

Besides riding your bike in protest…

More info:
LCC Campaign
Safety Summit?
If you like signing things, a petition
Cycle census – Where do cyclists outnumber drivers?

via bit.ly/1gOqrmi
via bit.ly/1gOqrmi

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