Made Possible by Squatting

Is now taking submissions! Made Possible by Squatting seeks to ask what have we already lost and also what can be found, uncovered and re-ignited?

Do you have a squatting story to tell?

Against the back-drop of the criminalisation of squatting Made Possible by Squatting is looking for work that depicts or embodies a particular chosen experience, a movement, space or place in relation to squatting. The story you choose to tell could be your own, or a history you want to investigate and share. It could be current or historic — a huge chapter in the life of a community, or a tiny forgotten moment in time, extraordinary or quite ordinary.

The format is completely open — works can be sculptural, photographic, print based, archive materials, performance, digital, video, audio…

The submission deadline for proposals in Friday 12th July, 2013

For more info about the submission process and application, please email or go to


The works and workshops will be part of an exhibition in September and an on-line archive that collectively celebrates how squatting has positively affected the lives of individuals and communities in the UK, specifically in London.


The 56a Collective was made possible by squatting! Endless adventure since 1991.

Historically, squatting an empty building has been a way to create a temporary home. The occupation of an empty building may last days, weeks or years, but once evicted, buildings are eventually demolished or redeveloped along with the lives that were lived inside them.

After a brief and undemocratic passage through the Houses of Parliament, Section 144 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill became legislation in September, 2012, which makes squatting in a residential building a criminal offence. This project seeks to ask what have we already lost? And, what more do we stand to lose if these laws are not fought?

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