Beastway is back!

Just last Summer, we published a post about the end of this important grass roots race series for London & the SouthEast, and honestly didn’t think we’d see it return so soon [if a all]!

From the official website:

2013 Beastway News
After a recent meeting between interested parties, SIP Events have agreed to continue the series.

Sara of SIP Events writes:
The Beastway Continues 2013

Dear all,

We have now decided to take up the reins and continue the Beastway Series for 2013 and hopefully beyond.
It has not been an easy decision, with the rising costs of organising events and trying to find willing volunteers, but after we saw all the interest for keeping the series alive at the meeting we felt we should at least give it a try and we are passionate about supporting mountain biking and racing at all levels.

The Series:
We will run a series of eight Wednesday evening races at Redbridge, starting on Wednesday 29th May until Wednesday 17th July with a finals/BBQ night on possibly Friday 26th July. We have spoken to Ian Coles at the centre and all dates are currently free.

We think the name deserves to stay for continuity and out of respect to the previous organisers who have put so much work and effort in over the years to create such a legendary Grass Roots MTB racing series. We hope to carry this on for a whole new generation of racers.

The race format is still to be confirmed but will be very similar to previous years. We are also looking at introducing some skills coaching before the races for youths and beginners. That will all depend on qualified volunteers though. There will probably also be some other little quirks we introduce throughout the series to keep things fun.

We are in the process of getting a website built and starting social media feeds. We have secured Privateer magazine as a title sponsor and will be speaking to Dennis (Lisbyd) about timing next week.

Thank you to everybody at the meeting for your input and ideas. Although SIP Events Ltd is a commercial company we are not full time event organisers and over the years we have invested much of the profits back into the sport of mountain biking including trail building and team/rider sponsorship. We have decided to take on the Beastway series not to earn huge pots of money and take a nice long holiday in the Bahamas, but because we feel it’s important for our sport that these small series continue to encourage local riders and novices into racing. We hope we can rely on your support throughout the coming season.

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