Thanks Ansgar!

We got an email about a month ago from an ex-collective member. Happy days!

I am Ansgar from Bremen, Germany. Some of you might remember me from way back then when i worked at Fareshares and helped at the Bike Workshop. Well, when i got back to germany, i started a Bike Workshop Project here in Bremen with a few Friends (called Freischrauber) which is doing pretty well right now (we have 25 volunteers at the moment). Also, one of the people that worked at this workshop in bremen moved to

berlin and started another workshop there (called “plattenladen”, is run by 30 people and also hosts a pottery, sewing & wood workshop and has a rehearsal room as well).

See how much impact your project had?
Nice innit?
I think there is a lot of motivation in that.”


A tandem from the Freischrauber workshop. Note the bottle of Club Mate!
A tandem from the Freischrauber workshop: note the bottle of Club Mate


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