New DIY Space on the Block: Broken Spoke Coop

Yo – The Broken Spoke Bicycle Coop is opening in Oxford!

They already have an impressive schedule: open workshops, group sessions, women’s night, build a bike sessions, beginner -advanced and wheel build courses, etc.

But the BEST PART: for their opening they’re having an ALLEYCAT!

If you’ve never done an Oxford Alleycat before, here’s how it goes:
  1. Find a rockin’ costume (Back to School themed, of course)
  2. Show up at Tourist Info, Broad Street between 6-6:30 to collect your Alleycat clues and find a team
  3. At 6:30 sharp everyone opens their clues and sets off!
  4. Ride madly around Oxford completing tasks and answering questions
  5. First team to complete all 6 tasks and cross the finish line (Restore Cafe, Manzil Way, Cowley Road) wins a prize!
Join the Broken Spoke afterwards for a launch party including prizes, a raffle, a silent auction, drinks, and more at Restore Cafe, Manzil Way, Cowley!

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