Sterevo’s Trip: UK to Italy


"56a on the Rocks"



56a shiftie Sterevo recently finished his 12 day bike ride from London to Italy! The photo on the left is of his bike at the French-Italian border, on “a marvellous sunny morning.”


Some good anecdotes to get us all on our bikes for some travel:

“I have discovered a huge hospitality in the centre of France (I had to pitch my tent just 3 times, and I paid a hotel once cause it was a strange day for me and I didn’t completely squander my money since it was the first night of heavy rain during my trip).”

“Two families hosted me and a farmer offered me as a bed a horse-drawn carriage parked in a hut close to his cowshed… amazing!”


Meanwhile….holy sh*t Rootz are in Vietnam already! Looks beautiful. And us birdies in the roost are staying warm with excessive amounts of hummous and sitting near the infoshop heater.

1 thought on “Sterevo’s Trip: UK to Italy”

  1. I read that Southwark Council bid £5k for your bike co-op to help support your work. From my understanding this was granted. Just wondering if you thought of using this to offer a cycle jumble like lookmumnohands? I think Southwark Cyclists were informed of all the grants (which included many cycle events in the area, cycle maintenance classes and Dr Bikes in the area. Not heard of any of these happening though – perhaps you have.

    I’ve limited access to emails ans apologise for any delay in getting back to you.


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