Keep Posties Cycling!

The CTC are running a campaign to keep posties on bikes. Adam Crozier, Royal Mail’s chief exec, has confirmed that Royal Mail plans to replace almost all of its bikes with electric trolleys that will be shipped out to neighbourhoods by van.  Crozier believes that posties on bikes violate health and safety regulations.

Mailbike.jpgHowever CTC cites the fact that these concerns for health and safety overlook general road safety for all, the environment, and the government’s Active Travel Strategy. Furthermore, “the increasing weights of postal deliveries necessitates new delivery technologies ignores the potential to use cargo bicycles and tricycles, already used in other European countries and by courier companies in Britain – for instance DHL and FedEx.”

CTC are asking people to fill in a form, print the resulting page and then send it to the CTC so it can be delivered to the Royal Mail chief execs.You can also froward it to If you have some time then please do help show your support. The online form automatically generates a letter that will be delivered in one load by cargo bike to Royal Mail’s new Chief Executive Moya Greene at Royal Mail’s headquarters.

We at 56a are behind this because we don’t want to see more cars and vans on our streets, we have some of our own durable postie bikes, and the postie on a bike has worked for ages — so why not adapt technology to fit the bicycle — especially when everyone is talking about less carbon emissions, cleaner technologies, and sustainable living? Plus, take it from the postie — some don’t want to lose their bike!

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